Let the Digging Commence

March 2014 the sun showed up and we saw a few warmer days. Planting time approaches, whoopee! We added four new fruit trees to our modest garden space; two plum varieties, a Golden Delicious apple and an older variety of apricot. In several weeks we will hold the third and final workshop of our three part series of permaculture workshops in our garden, led by our clever garden friends Christophe and Ieva. But first, chickens and a greenhouse. Oh my, catch me while I faint with excitement!


Creating the garden path for the small people and the gardeners.

Path testing. Very important business.

Four new raised garden beds and the holes and poles await the arrival of the fruit trees.

Filling in the holes with yummy earthy goodness for our new fruit trees.

Nearly finished as the sun sinks behind the Jura mountains.