Our House the Greenhouse

My green babies, growing remarkably well indoors, protected here until the frosts disappear. I hope my tomato allergy miraculously clears up in the next few months, all I can say is we're going to have enough tomatoes to fill a large truck. Maybe two trucks. Amongst the sprouting greenery is Parsley, Coriander, Basil, a selection of Pumpkins, four varieties of Echinacea, Arnica, Giant Sunflowers and Chrysanthemums to pretty-up the window ledges. It's my first time planting toms from seed and I never expected such success. I confess I am obsessed. I do give them a lot of love. Around 50 tomato plants of various varieties are taking over our living space, all eager to be the tallest and most prosperous. That will make for quite a few tomatoes. Preserving here we come. Let's get that greenhouse built tout de suite!

Tomatoes here we come.

A selection of my indoor forest.