Dirty hands, our 3rd permaculture workshop

Our third and final permaculture workshop was held Sunday 27th April 2014, (yes I had this blog post sitting in drafts and overlooked for the month of May, oops). In the days leading up to Sunday we were madly checking the latest weather forecast updates and despite the looming great thunder-clouds threatening to downpour, we crossed our fingers for good gardening weather. And it worked, in the end it was a perfect day for digging in the garden. Plus we had a great turnout of helping hands with over 20 people big and small. Our 3 new chickens were happy for the company (especially the grey clucker who is more like a dog than a chicken) but at times were also petrified of the very energetic and over-excited children. (They still managed to each squeeze out an egg by the end of the day - the chickens that is. Thank you ladies!) We are now waiting until Les Saints de Glace pass which is mid May, when the freezing cold winds swoosh elsewhere, the risk of frost has cleared and the timing is right to plant outdoors. Grow green grow!