Our House the Greenhouse

My green babies, growing remarkably well indoors, protected here until the frosts disappear. I hope my tomato allergy miraculously clears up in the next few months, all I can say is we're going to have enough tomatoes to fill a large truck. Maybe two trucks. Amongst the sprouting greenery is Parsley, Coriander, Basil, a selection of Pumpkins, four varieties of Echinacea, Arnica, Giant Sunflowers and Chrysanthemums to pretty-up the window ledges. It's my first time planting toms from seed and I never expected such success. I confess I am obsessed. I do give them a lot of love. Around 50 tomato plants of various varieties are taking over our living space, all eager to be the tallest and most prosperous. That will make for quite a few tomatoes. Preserving here we come. Let's get that greenhouse built tout de suite!

Tomatoes here we come.

A selection of my indoor forest.

Let the Digging Commence

March 2014 the sun showed up and we saw a few warmer days. Planting time approaches, whoopee! We added four new fruit trees to our modest garden space; two plum varieties, a Golden Delicious apple and an older variety of apricot. In several weeks we will hold the third and final workshop of our three part series of permaculture workshops in our garden, led by our clever garden friends Christophe and Ieva. But first, chickens and a greenhouse. Oh my, catch me while I faint with excitement!


Creating the garden path for the small people and the gardeners.

Path testing. Very important business.

Four new raised garden beds and the holes and poles await the arrival of the fruit trees.

Filling in the holes with yummy earthy goodness for our new fruit trees.

Nearly finished as the sun sinks behind the Jura mountains.

Our permaculture workshop

Wow what a super weekend full of learning, thinking sharing and digging in the dirt. i am so grateful for the wonderful mix of souls who attended our permaculture weekend workshop. What is permaculture? This link might give you an idea.


I am totally excited about refining the design of our garden so that by Springtime we can begin the transformation into a permaculture paradise!


Hello I am over here !

Welcome to my new spot. How are you all? The blog break was a treat, but I missed blogland and all you wonderful followers. Back on the wagon, blogging and following, chatting and catching up on Twitter and alike, and even considering Instagram, Pinterest and wait for it...Facebook. Holy Moley, did I say that? I know I have to watch myself, last time it sucked me in, hook line and sinker, and it was hard to climb out. Dipping my big toe in first to test the waters. Will let you know if I take the plunge! I am also back at my home studio working on drawing projects which feels super good. Delicious to be painting again. Here's my latest for a permaculture workshop we are holding at our house in a few weeks. A tout